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Mental Health

Use this online test to help determine if you might need to seek help for anger problems


Instruction: For each item, choose the answer most relevant to you

1. While waiting for someone who was already 20 minutes late, I would probably be…

2. I lose patience with people

3. I feel irritated when people don’t behave the way they should

4. I raise my voice or shout to get my point across

5. If I am talking to someone and he/she interrupts me, most likely I would feel…

6. Being interrupted my reaction most likely would be that…

7. The frequency with which I find myself in an argument with someone is:

8. If I were treated wrong or unfair, my reaction most likely would be that…

9. I punch or break objects when I’m upset or angry

10. When angry, I am able to calm down…

11. I eat a lot or use alcohol or drugs to calm myself down when I’m upset or angry

12. I feel an urge to do something violent/abusive when I am angry or upset

13. If someone accidentally bumped into me, my reaction most likely would be that…

14. I feel regretful over my behavior when I have gotten angry

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If you are wondering how angry you are, this test will give you insight as to how you manage your emotions in stressful situations. The anger management test is a useful screening tool only as a preliminary self-assessment and cannot used to self-diagnose mental disorders. If the test indicates some problems in being able to manage your anger, consult a licensed mental health professional for further evaluation.