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This is a screening test to help you determine whether you might have an eating disorder that needs professional attention. 


Eating Attitudes Test (EAT-26)

Instructions: Please read each statement and decide how much of the time the statement describes condition

1. I'm terrified about being overweight

2. I avoid eating when I am hungry

3. I find myself preoccupied with food

4. I have gone on eating binges where I feel I may not be able to stop

5. I cut my food into small pieces

6. I'm ware of the calorie content of foods I eat

7. I particularly avoid food with a high carbohydrate content (bread, rice, potatoes, etc.)

8. I feel that others would prefer if I ate more

9. I vomit after I have eaten

10. I feel extremely guilty after eating

11. I'm preoccupied with a desire to be thinner

12. I think about burning up calories when I exercise

13. Other people think I'm too thin

14. I'm preoccupied with the thought of having fat on my body

15. It takes longer than others to eat my meals

16. I avoid foods with sugar in them

17. I eat diet foods

18. Feel that food controls my life

19. I display self-control around food

20. I feel that other pressure me to eat

21. I give too much time and thought to food

22. I feel uncomfortable after eating sweets

23. I engage in dieting behavior

24. I like my stomach to be empty

25. I have the impulse to vomit after meals

26. I enjoy trying new rich foods

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"The EAT-26 has been reproduced with permission. Garner et al. (1982). The Eating Attitudes Test: Psychometric features and clinical correlates. Psychological Medicine, 12, 871-878."
This free online self-test is not designed to make a diagnosis of anorexia or bulimia or take the place of a professional diagnosis or consultation.