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This OCD test concerns obsessions, which are defined as unpleasant thoughts or images such as intrusive ideas about being contaminated, losing control, harming yourself or others, disgusting sexual acts, or offending God. The test also evaluates compulsions, repetitive behaviors or mental acts that aim to control and suppress obsessions.


Obsessive-compulsive disorder screening scale
Instructions: Please answer the questions below and choose the answers, which are the closest to your condition over the last two weeks

1. Are your obsessions popping up from your daily real-life problems?

2. How disturbing are your obsessions to you?

3. How much time is your mind occupied by obsessions?

4. Do obsessions interfere with your work or social activities?

5. How much time do you spend trying to suppress your obsessions?

6. Do you use repetitive behaviors such as washing or checking or mental acts such as counting or praying to suppress your obsessions?

7. How strong is the urge to do these repetitive behaviors or mental acts?

8. Do compulsions interfere with your work or social activities?

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If you ever wonder do I have OCD, this online test, which is deigned considering the symptoms of OCD, is an effective screening tool to identify a probable existence of this mental disorder. The obsessive-compulsive disorder test can help determine if you have the symptoms of OCD. It’s only deigned for a preliminary assessment and not intend to make a diagnosis OCD. If your test result indicates that you may have OCD, please consult a qualified mental health specialist. If you are already diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder and undergoing treatment, take this test once a week to monitor your condition and the treatment efficiency.