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Mental Health

Take the Suicide Risk Test to evaluate yourself. This suicidal risk assessment questionnaire gives you insight of your suicidal tendencies.


Answer each item of the test that you believe most accurately describe your condition in the past two weeks   

1. I cannot see any reason to live

2. I am consumed with my feelings of hopelessness

3. I feel that I cannot take the anguish of living this life anymore

4. I have a feeling that everyone would be better off if I was dead

5. I wish I was dead already

6. The idea of killing myself is haunting me

7. I’m planning how to kill myself

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People who suffer from mood disorders like depression or bipolar usually display a higher risk of suicide. The suicidal risk assessment quiz is to help you to evaluate how high your chances of committing suicide are. This online tool is designed only for preliminary self-assessment purposes and it does not replace a proper professional evaluation. If your test result indicates high suicidal risk, contact a licensed mental health professional or suicide lifeline for help immediately.