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Mental Health

What is bipolar disorder? 

The mood swings are quite a natural phenomenon for a healthy person. Some days we can be in a good mood and feel optimistic about the future. And sometimes we are sad, feel tired, thinking about imperfection and unpredictability of the world. Unlike the healthy, people with bipolar disorder have very strong emotional swings, which may reach extreme extent of the manic or depressive conditions. A person, suffering from bipolar disorder, has either one of these extreme poles of emotional spectrum being in such a condition for several weeks or months. According to statistics, the lifetime risk of developing bipolar disorder ranges from 1% to 1.5%. Prevalence of the disorder is about the same among men and women. 

Bipolar disorder is a serious and potentially dangerous disease. It is crucial to establish a diagnosis early and begin the treatment. Despite the severity of the disorder, it can be treated very well in most cases. After adequate therapy most of the patients fully recover and lead health life. Nevertheless, the disorder requires lifelong management with a maintenance treatment. If you have previously had from bipolar disorder’s episodes, you have to remember that despite the possible relapse of the disorder, with proper treatment, you are in control of this disorder, not the disorder control your life.