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What is major depression?

What you should know about major depression
What are the main symptoms of depression?
How to know that you are depressed?
What are the causes of major depression?
What to do when you are depressed?

What you should know about major depression

Almost every one suffers from occasional depression and can feel down, sad and less motivated. Usually it’s just a normal part of our emotional experience. But it could also be a sign of a clinical condition called major depression disorder or clinical depression. What exactly is clinical depression, what is the definition of major depressive disorder, and how is it distinguished from the normal mood swings we have from time to time? Unlike feeling normally depressed depression, as a medical condition, has two main distinctive features: sustainability of depressive symptoms and the inadequacy of the emotional reaction to generally stressful events.

In most cases, clinical depression develops due to emotional distress which is related to tragic and traumatic events. Unfortunately, events like the loss of a close one or break of relations are an inevitable part of our lives. If you are going through stressful experience, feeing sad and depressed is completely normal. But if your mood does not improve for several weeks and you are constantly suffering from symptoms like profound sadness, pessimism, and the inability to enjoy life and have little or no energy, it most probably means that you are suffering from major depressive disorder.

If you’ve been consistently down or depressed, most of the day, nearly every day, for a while, take Depression Test to find out whether you suffer from clinical depression