This Anorexia Test can help determine whether you might have anorexia nervosa. Although the online test is based on the diagnostic criteria of anorexia, it is not intended to make a diagnosis.

ANOREXIA TEST (Anorexia Nervosa Test)

Instructions: Please, read the statements listed below and answer to each item that you believe accurately describe your condition or indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement 

1. I avoid eating and try to skip my meal when I am hungry

2. I calculate the calories of foods that I eat

3. I avoid food with high calories content in them

4. If I think I’ve eaten too much I purge (by vomiting or using of laxatives or diuretics)

5. I feel that others would prefer if I ate more

6. People tell me that I am too thin

7. Others pressure me to eat more

8. I display self-control around food

9. I like an empty feeling in my stomach

10. I’m terrified when I think that I might be overweight

11. I check whether I’ve gained fat on my body

12. I feel guilty if I break my diet or just after having a meal

13. I weigh myself

14. I think about how to be thinner

15. It makes me irritated or angry when others pressure me to eat

16. I miss my periods