Take the Bipolar Depression Test below to find out if you suffer from the Depressive Syndrome of Bipolar Disorder.


Instructions: Please follow the instructions below; read the statements and answer each item that you believe accurately describes your condition

1.1 Have you <i><b><u>EVER</u></b></i> experienced a period of time when you persistently had an extremely elated mood and an unusual surge of energy?

1.2 Have you <b><i><u>EVER</u></i></b> experienced a period of time when you were irritable most of the day for several days for no obvious reason?

2. I feel down and sad

3. I don’t enjoy the things I formerly took take pleasure in

4. I feel slowed down

5. I feel that I have no energy

6. I find it hard to focus on anything

7. I have troubles falling or staying asleep

8. I sleep more than usual

9. I have poor appetite

10. I eat more than usual

11. I have feelings of worthlessness

12. I wish I were dead and feel suicidal