Test your empathy by taking this online EQ test. It takes a couple of minutes to complete.


Instruction: For each item, choose the answer most relevant to you

1. It would make me uncomfortable to be late for a meeting or get-together

2. When I am talking to someone, I also focus on my listener’s reactions

3. Even if the listener may not like or appreciate it, I prefer speaking my mind

4. When I express my difference in opinion I avoid making remarks that might be perceived as personal attacks

5. Even if I don’t agree with another person’s point of view, I can appreciate our differences of opinion

6. At times, people seem not appreciate my genuine concern and willingness to help

7. I feel complete when I can reach out and help others

8. My jokes would be rated as funny by most people

9. People find my jokes mocking or offensive

10. If someone feels uncomfortable attending a party, I’m quick to spot it

11. I feel unsure of how to behave in social situations

12. I can sense when someone is ready to pour out his or her feelings to share them with me

13. I find it hard to see why people get so upset about some things

14. I get emotionally involved when a friend of mine is distressed about something

15. Maintaining close relationships seem overwhelming to me

16. I find it hard to be patient with others

17. I can intuitively sense how someone may feel