The online PTSD test items below concern a psychologically traumatic event, which caused actual or threatened serious injury or death to you or someone else. The term “traumatic event” refers to extreme experience such as serious accidents, physical or sexual assaults, rape, fire, physical or psychological torture, war, a natural disaster, witnessing the sudden death of your loved one, witnessing violent death, discovering a corpse, finding out about a life-threatening illness or other similar situations and events.


Instructions: Please read the statements listed below. Answer each item that you believe accurately describes your condition in the past month

1. Have you been directly involved, had to deal with or witnessed a traumatic event?

2. Was your emotional response to the traumatic event that of intense fear, shock, helplessness or horror?

3. I have memories and upsetting thoughts about the experienced event that come into my mind unwillingly

4. I find it hard to distract myself from memories and upsetting thoughts about the traumatic event

5. I can’t recall some important part of what happened

6. I feel like I’m living through what happened once again

7. I have disturbed sleep because of bad dreams or nightmares about the event

8. I feel upset if anything reminds me about the traumatic event

9. I experience unpleasant body sensations (like muscle tension, racing heartbeat, sweating, dizziness, stomachache etc.) when I am reminded of the event

10. I try to avoid any thoughts or talks that might remind me the trauma I experienced

11. I try to stay away from the places or people that might remind me my traumatic experience

12. I’m little (if any) interested in socializing or other important activities

13. I feel emotionally detached from the people around

14. I’m emotionally numb and lack ability to feel emotions

15. I don’t expect anything good of the future

16. I have problems falling or staying asleep

17. I have times when I feel very irritable and get angry easily

18. I find it difficult to concentrate on my tasks

19. I get easily startled and jumpy if something unexpected happens

20. I try to keep my eyes open for any potential danger