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Mental Health

Take this online anhedonia test to find out whether you have one of the two main symptoms of depression. This short self-test provides an initial assessment of your mental condition.


Instructions: For each item of the test, please answer based on how you have been over the last two weeks.

1. I’m less interested in the things that that I used to take pleasure in

2. I find no joy from normally pleasurable activities

3. Sex has no appeal to me anymore

4. I want people to leave me alone

5. I feel emotionally numb

6. Nothing touches me on a personal level

7. I don’t care much about the things that used to be important to me

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The self-test is based on key signs of anhedonia like diminished interest in previously pleasurable activities and the inability to enjoy the important aspects of life.
Keep in mind that anhedonia is not a mental disorder but the key symptom of depression and might be a predictor sign of schizophrenia spectrum disorders. If your test results indicate that you have anhedonia, you will need further evaluation to clarify your metal state.